.NET for Apache Spark – VSCode with Docker on Linux and df.Collect()

.NET for Apache Spark docker image


My last article explained, how a .NET for Apache Spark project can be debugged in Visual Studio 2019 under Windows. I have also mentioned some limitation at the end of the article.
In this article I will extend the project a bit and demonstrate the aforementioned limitation using version 0.8.0 of my docker image for .NET for Apache Spark.
Furthermore, I will show a possible workaround that can be used, if you are running Docker and Visual Studio Code under Linux (Ubuntu 18.04).

The extended application

In order to demonstrate the issue, I have … more

Debug .NET for Apache Spark with Visual Studio and docker

Greatly simplify debugging your .NET for Apache Spark project by using docker

You do want to test and debug your .NET for Apache Spark application with Visual Studio? But you don’t want to set up Apache Spark yourself?
Then read along and find out how my docker image might be able to help.

Before we dig into the details however, I specifically want to thank Devin Martin for sharing his idea about such a docker image with me!


As you might be aware, you can debug your .NET for Apache Spark application directly in Visual Studio by starting the related DotnetRunner in Debug mode.

Obviously that means … more

Visual Studio Container Tools Extension (Preview)

A couple of days ago, I came across the Visual Studio Container Tools Extension (Preview) Announcement.

Using docker, this VS2019 extension promises to be very useful for container image development and debugging.

Here is my first run through, using the aspnetapp sample docker image.


The extension can be installed directly via Visual Studio 2019, or downloaded from the marketplace, as shown below.

visual studio container tools extension download

Once installed, you obviously need to have a running container to watch it in action. For my quick test, I’ve chosen the aspnetapp sample image from mcr.microsoft.com/dotnet/framework/samples:aspnetapp, for which I … more

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