.NET for Apache Spark 1.0 is available

Microsoft has released version 1.0 of .NET for Apache® Spark™. The official announcement provides a brief overview of the basic features, performance and the future of .NET for Apache Spark.

It even mentions my docker images, which are now available for version 1.0.0, too. Some of my articles are mentioned on the Open Source Blog as well. A big Thank You to everyone supporting me by trying out the images, providing feedback or contributing in any other way.

Speaking of docker images: In case you didn’t know yet, there are now three different types of images available.

Interactive Jupyter Notebook

This image allows you to explore .NET for Apache Spark interactively in your web browser, using Jupyter Notebooks. You can even give it a try without downloading the docker image.


Use these images if you want to build .NET for Apache Spark yourself, make changes to the source code or contribute to .NET for Apache Spark. For a brief introduction, check out this blog post.


The runtime images are intended for testing .NET for Apache Spark, without the need to install all the required bits manually. Per default, the related container will start up a master instance and one slave instance of Apache Spark. Here’s a list of articles that might be useful to get you started.

So thanks again and enjoy using .NET for Apache Spark!

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